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About FitScrypt

FitScrypt was inspired by a team of developers that chose to incorporate health and fitness awareness while playing a major role in the onboarding of Web 3.0. This led FitScrypt developers to the untapped crypto Fitness market. Ultimately, FitScrypt as a mobile application will reward users for their time spent at the gym. Motivation is hard for many people in their fitness journey.

Fitscrypt App for iOS

FitScrypt not only allows users to earn FitScrypt tokens, but it incorporates a geofencing technology that is frictionless in mass adoption. Any workout you can dream up, will allow you to collect and mine your way to fitness at the gym. FitScrypt rewards users with 50,000 $FIT tokens for a 1 hour gym session. Users also have the option to choose a 30 minute session for a reward of 25,000 $FIT tokens. The timer starts when users enter their local gym.

Once the session has finished, the tokens are automatically added to the user account. Users can withdraw the tokens once a minimum of 100,000 tokens have been “mined”.

Early adapters will be eligible to withdraw their tokens to receive the $FYT airdrop once the official ILO period has been completed.

Why Use FitScrypt?

FitScrypt is a simple way for people to jumpstart their crypto portfolio. Users that are new to crypto can begin receiving token rewards for an activity they do on a weekly basis. FitScrypt as a community will offer users a place to learn more about the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Taking that first step into the world of DeFi could not be easier than downloading an app and mining your way to fitness.


We want users to feel comfortable with crypto

Our founders at FitScrypt want users to feel comfortable with the idea of cryptocurrency. At the same time, they want users to recognize FitScrypt as the first crypto they have ever owned.

All in all, the FitScrypt mobile application will represent an industry standard for crypto reward platforms.


FitScrypt strives to set a new standard for development

FitScrypt strives to set a new standard for development and leadership in the tokenization revolution while creating tangible value and longevity in a space that is solely reliant on the network effect.

The utility offered by FitScrypt will assist in the generational onboarding of Web 3.0.

Available on iOS and Android

Earn crypto, Burn calories

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